Promises Of God

I find it critical needing to memorize Gods word and go over his promises. When we know these by hard and study them, it will not only cause life transformation, but recharge us and give us new hope, every single day.

So, lets establish a list of Gods promises and where they are located, and then summarize them all into one paragraph.

1 Chronicles 16:11
Matthew 21:22
James 4:7
James 1:12
Hebrews 11:6
Joel 2:32
Isaiah 41:10
Mark 9:23
James 4:8
Psalm 37:5
Psalm 34:7
1 Peter 5
Matthew 6:27
Matthew 6:33
1 Cor. 1:4
Genesis 3:1
James 1:2

These are promises that have carried me through dark times. More recently, as I experience a rather bigger mountain to climb, I have never found more comfort and rest than in these promises of God.

So, to summarize, here’s what we get from God from all these verses.

”My Child. I love you so very much. I know at times, when you face difficulties, it might not seem fair. For me, try to count it joy when you face these trials in life. Here’s why; The trials you face, I use. The trials you face, they will not crush you, but grow you to be stronger. The trials you face, my child, I will help you overcome. Remember that your adversary is crafty and wants to ruin you. He prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to devour you, and every other child of mine. Resist him, and stand firm. When you face trials, I will comfort you, for I AM comfort. Seek me first and my Kingdom, and I will give you the desires of your heart. I am always with you, never leaving you, ready to deliver you from every trial, but you must endure and be patient. Know this: When you seek me with all your heart, you will find me. When you call on me, I will answer. I will NOT fail you, and I never have. Don’t give into Satans lies, for all he wants is to crush you and make you submit to sin. Look to me, call on me, and I promise, I am there.

All the promises above, summarized in a small letter. This is what God wants you to know