About Me

Chris Megally is a 20 year old Christian who has a passion for sharing the gospel and comforting others utilizing comedy. In 2017, Jesus Christ radically changed Chris’ life through other people and experiences that allowed Chris to realize his life was falling apart, and that he was far from God. In March of that same year, Chris re-dedicated his life to the Lord and would continue to grow with him and develop in many areas of his life.

2018 was a remarkable year for him. Chris became an author of the book ”God’s not cool” which sells on Amazon and Kindle. The book sends a message to believers and non believers alike to consider their relationship with God, his existence, and how undeniable the gospel and its validity is.
That same year, Chris went on a missions trip to Romania, became a youth leader, and got baptized.

Now Chris is striving to share the work that the Lord has done in his life daily, by inspiring and motivating others through social media and his daily interactions with people. Chris’ ultimate goal is to affect his family and friends locally and further Gods kingdom in anyway possible.