Well, this is the first post of what will, Lord willing, be many more posts to come!

Welcome to UFJ, aka UrgencyForJesus. If you follow me on Youtube, you know I have a channel called UFJ as well, but due to being super busy, I struggled to post much on there.

I was brainstorming hard for a while thinking ”well Chris, what is something you could do that is not so time consuming and tedious?” and then, I thought, ”Blog!”

So, here we are. This is going to be another journey of the many I’ve been on, and the many I am on at the moment. I wont know if blogging will be successful unless I try. I thought to myself, being a self-published author, if I love writing so much, then I should really use that to my advantage more and make this blog.

To get you excited, here’s what I’m thinking: I want to make some sort of consistent schedule to post but my writings will consist of: Life experiences, Studies of Bible passages, Advice, Journal writings, etc…

Its a whole load of personal, and hopefully, a whole lot of funny. I hope you’re prepared!

God bless you – and, see you in my next post!

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